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Alcohol doesn't equal rape. A short skirt doesn't equal rape. Nor does a party, an empty street or a consensual hook up. What equals rape is lack of consent.
Guaranteed we can date the wrong people constantly, however there does come a point where we have to stop and take a long, hard look at ourselves. If you aren't sure if you are self sabotaging your relationship, here's five signs that indicate you might be your own worst enemy.
From a bloke who's dodged bullets and bombs, taken on a 600kg cow head to head on my family farm, and owned being a dad, hardening up was exactly the issue. I was so hard I couldn't feel.
I have a wife, a kid, a job, and a car designed to ferry around young children whilst also having enough boot space to accommodate pushchairs and huge quantities of food. What I don't have are the feelings and attributes that I associate with adulthood.
Maybe someone will read this and be able to give me those man-things I crave -- a special handshake and an awesome nickname. Or we could just hide our feelings away and talk about sport, women and motorbikes while we awkwardly sip beer. Whatever.
No -- I didn't date all 100 of them. Instead I took all the taboo questions that had society's pre-written answers and asked 100 men what they thought of them.
After losing six mates to suicide over the past decade, actor Tom Oakley was moved to create this short film encouraging