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men's health

Biting into hard cheese will protect your teeth from "merlot mouth."
I was lucky to find a new passion, but unfortunately in the saddest possible way, after my best mate passed away suddenly at 44 due to a heart attack. I won't lie to you, it was a real kick in the guts.
Warning: you might need to lay off the coffee.
While training in pairs can do wonders for your fitness, it may not always lead to happily ever after. If you and your partner are at different levels of fitness, it can be tricky to find a workout where both parties feel challenged.
Let's have a chat about our health. It's a topic we guys tend to shy away from. But the time to make some positive changes to our diet and lifestyle is now. Our hearts depend on it.
So often we're told a handful of nuts suffices as a good snack but, for a lot of men, this is not quite enough. Men generally
The only time, prior to this, I have told anyone was when I told my psychologist. She helped me be honest with myself. I can now be honest with you.
Sperm count. It’s not something many men want to talk about, with either their friends or partners but, pride aside, low
When I was first told I had to have my ball removed, I didn't really know what to think. Would it impact my sex life? Would I still be able to have children? Would others judge me? Would I be less of a man?