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What does it look like? How do you put it in? How do you take it out? Is it safe? How gross is it? What is its usage life? What do you mean you can wear it overnight and not flood? Well, for those of you who also want to know these answers in a very simple, unbiased way, then read on.
Completely cutting carbs is not the answer.
Nearly 46,000 women sleep rough on any given night in Australia.
You are not doing your body a disservice.
‘I wanted to design a product that wasn’t reliant on underwear.’
Globally, women and adolescent girls struggle each month to overcome secrecy, shame and fear in managing their menstrual period. Given the commonness of menstruation, why does the stigma around it remain so widespread?
It’s that time of the month and all you’re craving is chocolate, ice cream and chips. We’re grumpy, tired and sore, and if
For years, most women have been presented with two options: pads or tampons. But I'm here to tell you about another -- one the government and pad/tampon companies don't want you to cotton on to: the menstrual cup *sound of heaven gates opening*.