Michael Grose

The initial back-to-school glow has well and truly worn off for most students. If you're lucky, it's back to the routine of wake-up, school, homework, mealtime, bedtime... not necessarily in that order. If you're unlucky, you've probably got a battle on your hands when it comes to the homework part of this routine.
The defining feature of 21st century parents is a fierce determination to provide children with the best possible childhood and the best possible start in life. In pursuit of these admirable goals, a parent can easily over-extend their role, entering areas of children's lives that would have been off-limits to parents a couple of generations ago.
Stretch limousines were once a novelty associated with celebrity and status. Now they are a dime a dozen, more likely to carry teenagers and twenty-somethings for a night of cruising and boozing than transporting genuine celebrities around.
Most parenting experts are committed to positive action to maintain forward momentum. Half of the parents I have met don't need to learn what to do, they need to learn what to stop.
There's no doubt that raising boys tends to be more of a challenge for parents than raising girls. Understanding and appreciating the differences is a great start