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Instead of a program threatening Australian jobs, there is the genuine possibility any crackdown will marginally harm the labour market.
The migrants were all adults, mostly from sub-Saharan African countries, and all but three of them were men.
Many are left with no option but to attempt the extreme, like cross a river in sub-zero temperatures.
They were traveling towards Italy in poorly-made rubber dinghies.
President Hollande is pressing Britain to accept its share of responsibility for the minors.
The president says French authorities evacuated 5,000 people from the camp, but there are 1,500 unaccompanied minors left.
As Europe shuts out refugees and migrants, this Italian doctor has been welcoming them year after year.
The rate of recorded deaths in the Mediterranean has risen sharply this year, with more than 3,740 migrants drowning on their way to Europe.
One in 47 attempting the Libya-Italy route does not survive.
Hungary's referendum on migrant quotas failed to legally exempt the country from resettlement plans.