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minimum wage

Taken together, these types of measures could go a long way in reducing race and gender discrimination around the country.
Government pledged £10.50 ($19.80) an hour within five years but Queen's Speech leaves get-out clause, saying rise will happen 'provided economic conditions allow'.
An Afghani employee was underpaid $25,588 over four months.
NEW YORK ― Ivanka Trump has made “women’s empowerment” a signature issue in her father’s White House, championing the nation’s
Tinkering at the edges of our economy is no longer enough.
The Fair Work Ombudsman recovered $339,433 for 323 workers.
The frozen yogurt chain is in trouble with the workplace regulator.
Here's what people would be saying about her if she wasn't running against Bernie Sanders.
WASHINGTON — Are you still trying to figure out where Hillary Clinton stands on a $15 minimum wage? Don’t feel bad. Apparently
Rampant wage rip-offs don't only leave workers less in their pockets (and less to spend), it also drives down the pay and conditions across the workforce. It doesn't just deny people a fair day's pay for a fair day's work, it undercuts the millions of employers who are doing the right thing.