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I love a good hearty conversation. As someone who spends way too much time hearing about what's going on through the windows
I can't have that moment back with my daughter. I'll never get the chance to make that moment right. Nor can I make right the many other moments where I have failed in my role as a mother. This is the paradox of time, that we cannot appreciate the moment until it's gone and we can never get it back.
There are certain urban myths surrounding twins, as well as a series of strange comments to which parents of twins are often subjected, from pregnancy and beyond.
There is still a lot of stigma associated with a teenage pregnancy. I hope to build a village of acceptance and support around every person facing teen pregnancy and parenthood so they have the opportunity to grow a happy, healthy, skilled family, with healthy children.
My baby was only four months old and I struggled to reconcile the fact that I was choosing to no longer give him a basic necessity, like milk, because I had to be at work. I now feed him once a day -- and I'm sure it's more for me than for him.
As you approach your final school exams EVER, there is so much I want to share with you. So many lessons that I want you to take on your journey -- lessons which I learnt too late and, in some cases, those I still grapple with.
It's a term I've always loathed, and one that's dogged just about every working mother I know, for decades. The stunningly naïve belief that once we women had The Vote, The Pill, No-Fault Divorce and Equal Pay, that we could now go about the business of having The Job, The Marriage, The Kids, The Home we wanted, and -- some sanity.