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As figures show a rise in children referred to gender identity clinics in the past decade, one teen going through the transition process talks exclusively to HuffPost UK.
"I’d already had one hospital birth and one home birth – I knew I wanted a free birth this time."
Robyn Wilder's hardly taken breath from becoming a mother, and now she's nose-to-nose with perimenopause.
"I remember his bright pink face, his loud cry. I just knew he’d be alright."
"I realised that we needed to create the images we wanted to see."
My kid has so much to be embarrassed about before we even get to the part where I’m old.
"How any woman does what they do is beyond comprehension," said the Duke of Sussex — and new father.
New guidance has been launched to prevent pregnancy and maternity discrimination at work, as more women are seeking advice
Mothers who give birth in the winter or spring months are less likely to suffer with postnatal depression (PND) than women
Chase’s post has had more than 7,000 shares in three weeks and thousands of comments from parents fascinated by the photo