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national security

The outgoing president is purging agencies to expand his influence, and Biden's team can do little to limit Trump's behaviour toward Iran, Afghanistan and more.
National security correspondent Jennifer Griffin calls her sources "unimpeachable" — unlike Trump.
The former national security adviser's memoir claims the US president asked China to help his reelection effort and urged Xi Jinping to build concentration camps.
The former national security adviser reportedly says in a book draft that he spoke to Attorney General William Barr about his concerns, The New York Times reported.
Here’s how Hawaii residents responded when a false alert notified the state of an attack.
It calls for the development of new, 'low-yield' nuclear weapons.
A look back at some of this year’s more notable data breaches.
The ease with which our legislators strip away fundamental rights is genuinely frightening.
Chad is a top U.S. partner in the fight against terrorism in Africa, so it seemed odd to many experts when the country was
The PM wants states and territories working together to fight terrorism.