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I chose to give birth in Thailand because, given my circumstances, it was the safest option.
The country outlawed the tradition of chhaupadi in 2005. But it wasn't until last week that someone was arrested in connection with the practice.
Christopher John Kulish, 61, ascended the more than 29,000-foot peak on Monday, but died suddenly while coming down.
The most powerful storm to hit the United States in more than a decade has led to at least 20 deaths, left parts of Texas
His classmates are young enough to be his grandchildren.
Red bricks remain strewn across Nepal but one Australian is turning them into jewellery.
Fact: every 103 seconds a mother dies in pregnancy and childbirth.
Earthquakes in 2015 killed some 9,000 people, leaving many women to fend for themselves in a country where widows face abuse, discrimination and enslavement.
One Sherpa widow’s story, told in 360 degrees.