Proud of her Malaysian Chinese heritage, the celebrity chef said she knows "there’s a lot of cultural pressure" to not pursue a creative career.
A new documentary, "Denise Ho: Becoming the Song," follows the singer-turned-pro-democracy advocate as she rebuilds her music career in troubled times.
"When I read that Chrissy Teigen recently had her breast implants removed, I was inspired to google images of my own tits."
The Oscar winner's fierce declaration reemerged on social media to turbocharge calls for equity in Hollywood.
"It’s nice that she’s a little light in the darkness at this time."
"I’m so sick of all these men on the street telling me to smize."
Priya Malik, from the 2014 season, said she's "not surprised" that some viewers have compared Angela to her.
She asked her fans to be respectful online and to avoid living life through a social media lens.
The "Transformers" star responded to a viral thread about how she was hypersexualized and mistreated as a young actor.
As an Aboriginal mother and health care worker, I have witnessed microaggressions towards my people my whole adult life.