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Online Advertising

The company is concerned about the impact of misinformation.
Inside the world of digital advertising, where your data is traded in the time it takes to click.
What net neutrality really means for consumers and companies.
One year ago, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg stood before an audience at a Ritz-Carlton hotel in California and dismissed the
But Facebook isn’t legally responsible for the fake news that appears on its site. The Communications Decency Act of 1996
The best way to figure out exactly what Facebook is and does is to launch a public investigation, argues Matt Stoller, a
Mark Zuckerberg has addressed his private online nation of 2 billion users.
Facebook is promoting paid-for hoaxes about Lord Sugar, Professor Stephen Hawking and the Queen to their users despite recent
Unlike that Kendall Jenner spot, this moving video doesn't whitewash political protest.
Pepsi apologized for its advertisement featuring Kendall Jenner at a political protest and pulled the video from YouTube