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oprah winfrey

There's nothing traditional about her, including her approach to relationships.
Oprah may have kept mum about her soirée with the Obamas on a yacht across French Polynesia, but Tom Hanks is not so disciplined
Oprah Winfrey has said being overweight was her “shield and shame” which she used as an excuse not to have to attend parties
If you dumped a bucket of ice over your head two years ago, this will give you goosebumps all over again.  The viral Ice
Talk show titan, life coach and role model for women everywhere, Oprah Winfrey kicked off her Australian tour on Wednesday
I'm not here to convince you how amazing Oprah is as an individual. I won't detail her inspirational rags to riches story of how she was a media pioneer who smashed glass ceilings and racial barriers to become one of the world's most influential media identities, or highlight that she is currently North America's only black billionaire.