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Ryan Reavis, 36, was arrested in Arizona on drug charges as authorities investigate the late rapper's death.
Enhancing access to treatment and prevention options is the answer.
Hundreds of bodies were exhumed to check for drug overdoses.
We need to make it as safe as possible for when our kids experiment.
How many more people need to die before we change this flawed system?
The lawsuit was filed Monday in Los Angeles by late girlfriend Cathriona White's estranged husband.
The actor died tragically at 28 from an accidental overdose.
We prefer to avoid confrontation with a government, but if the only way we can save lives is through civil disobedience, we will do so. Sooner or later, pill testing will be implemented in all states and territories in Australia, whether Mr Baird and Mr Grant like it or not.
The day before actor Heath Ledger’s death, his father Kim said he was fit and healthy. “The way Heath passed away was a shock