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parenting advice

“For every minute spent organising, an hour is earned.”
Too many people succumb to the mistaken belief that being likeable comes from natural traits that belong only to a lucky few.
And yes Dads, this program is not just for Mums -- it's especially for you.
Ask any mother or father and they'll tell you it's close to impossible to imagine life without their kids. Many will tell
By almost any measure, I’m very close to my parents. We speak an inordinate number of times a day, and I have yet to see
There is no promotion as swift and terrifying as new parenthood. In a fog of exhaustion and confusion, you turn to the 'experts' for help. No, I'm not referring to your mother, your maternal health nurse or your midwife. I'm talking about baby books and websites.
The quality of a children's book is in many ways more important than an adult book because, in all likelihood, a children's book will get read over and over and over again. And it is a special kind of hell to read the same irritating, repetitive kid's book every single night.
Do you know a parent who either yells at or nags their kids when they don't cooperate? If so, you know a parent with a limited parenting toolkit.
It's often only when the snuggle is less forthcoming that you realise how important it has been. And sometimes you'll find you need it more than they do.
Everything in life has its season. Sometimes we get stuck in a winter that we wonder if it will ever end. But one day soon, when the hardest work is done, you will celebrate the triumph of spring.