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"STOP YELLING screamed the parent."
"(My kid giving me attitude). Me: 'I pooped on you when you were born.'"
"Establish dominance by replying to your kid’s 'Knock knock' joke with 'Door’s open.'"
The mum-to-be's due date is in a few months.
Expect more Doves, Bears and Adonises in the New Year.
"Drove our kids around town to look at Christmas lights but they brought an iPad so they could watch a different kid drive around his town looking at lights."
The seven-year-old, who watches nature shows before bed, said: "I don't want to watch this anymore."
From Amber and Ash, to Skye and Dawn – these unique monikers represent autumn, winter, spring and summer.
“My mom when I ask if she and my dad are still taking the pandemic seriously,” Juliet Prather captioned her hilarious video.