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penalty rates

You can't have a 'high-wage, first-world' economy with low productivity and aggregate consumer demand.
The ALP has vowed to fight penalty rate cuts.
What is it about time on Sunday that makes it worth more than Saturday?
We are a market economy. We are not a market society.
The Employment Minister has announced she will be consulting on the recommendations in 2016 by holding a series of round
The Prime Minster has his blinkers on if he thinks his contributions about penalty rates isn't placing enormous pressure on the Fair Work Commission to find against the interests of hard-working employees. He is using the high office of Prime Minister to crack the whip on the Commission.
Video by Emily Verdouw SYDNEY -- Treasurer Scott Morrison has declared the current debate about penalty rates “boring” and
CANBERRA – Opposition Leader Bill Shorten has accused the Prime Minister of giving the scrapped WorkChoices industrial regime
We know women and older Australians are the two fastest-growing groups in the workforce. And that at the same time the future economy wants us to have more babies now, the government doesn't want to pay for maternity leave. Securing a spot in a decent childcare centre is like finding the golden goose.
Video by: Emily Verdouw Retail and hospitality workers fear a campaign to slash weekend penalty rates could nearly halve