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Penny Wong

'How convenient that you go after the bloke who can't defend himself.'
The U.S/Australia alliance is getting a rethink in the wake of Donald Trump's win.
The Liberal Senator has defended adopting an aggressive pro-Trump stance.
There's even a chance One Nation could scoop up his spot.
Wong said Liberals should cross the floor to block the plebiscite bill.
Xenophon Team is insisting on a free vote in parliament
2. ...while Alan Jones became a feminist True story. If you don't believe us fast-forward to 2 minutes and 50 seconds. 5
Labor frontbencher Penny Wong is sick of her children being told they are “somehow lesser” or “not normal” for growing up
CANBERRA – On the day hundreds of new emojis have been released into the wild, the Department of Foreign Affairs has been