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pete evans

The MKR judge could be heading into the jungle after his former co-star was reportedly dropped from the lineup.
The signs come less than 48 hours after the celebrity posted a prominent white nationalist symbol on Instagram.
The post featured a sonnenrad or Black Sun, a prominent white nationalist symbol used by extremist movements and neo-Nazis.
Paleo Pete is sticking by his extreme approach to food.
The MKR host has been slammed for promoting unscientific, extreme health advice.
Seth Sentry has a problem with science. It has, thus far, failed to provide him with a hoverboard. However, his gripes are pretty minimal when it comes to the barrage of blame that science, medicine and other reputable branches of investigation get from the Instafamous, celebrity chefs and so-called wellness warriors.
Evans says he wasn't aware of the advice on the Q&A section of his page.
It was so disappointing to read Pete Evans' suggestion that dairy foods, in particular milk, were unhealthy. He even went as far as saying that the calcium in dairy foods leached calcium from the bones causing osteoporosis. What a load of hogwash.
That celebrity carnivore Pete Evans said something silly should not surprise. The reality television chef and Paleo​ diet