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Then, Feinstein castigated her colleagues from the Senate floor, saying they should “show some guts” on the issue. Her Republican
The National Rifle Association, a major gun rights advocacy group that has spent millions of dollars lobbying against gun
Most Democrats think the United States is facing a dire gun violence problem that could be eased by passing stricter gun
Her comments came just hours before reports that at least six Trump officials had used private emails.
WASHINGTON ― Buried beneath the war President Donald Trump has launched against the NFL over protests during the national
Chancellor Angela Merkel's Christian Democratic Union has come out on top in Germany's national election on Sunday, according
Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) politicians sing the German anthem at the party’s events. For a country whose national
Mark Zuckerberg has addressed his private online nation of 2 billion users.
The far-right Alternative for Germany party is vying to win dozens of seats in the German election on Sunday, but even before
Meanwhile, Brexit is destabilizing the region, Donald Trump is rattling NATO and China is flexing its muscles.