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port arthur

Fears that Australian politicians are becoming “complacent” and allowing gun lobbyists to water down laws.
Calls for the Pardus LAX MF, with an assault rifle-like magazine, to be more heavily restricted.
"This is for those who say gun control doesn't work."
PORT ARTHUR - Just a few days ago, Hanh Nguyen was waist-deep in water. The water started rising at her store, Marie’s Seafood
The Jefferson County emergency management team said it had to wait until daylight to resume rescues. Marcus McLellan, a public
There are currently 260,000 illegal firearms in Australia.
20 years since Port Arthur, the Greens have added a gun control portfolio.
The gun reforms following the Port Arthur Massacre had unintended results.
Hundreds of people have gathered in Tasmania to mark twenty years since the Port Arthur massacre. On April 28, 1996, gunman
May 27, 1997: Melbourne sisters, Jessica and Tiffany Bass, pay tribute to the victims of the Port Arthur Massacre. And to