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Presidential election

"A Rigged Election, fight on!" angry president calls out to his supporters.
"You already made the jobs disappear, sweetie," noted one Twitter follower.
The billionaire and former New York City mayor has endorsed former vice-president Joe Biden.
As supporters of Hillary Clinton, still reeling from her failed presidential bid, walked past the Democrat’s former Brooklyn
'Nothing’s going to get done.'
Hillary Clinton retains a steady lead over Donald Trump.
We already genetically modify plants and pets. Humans will be next. Should we fear or embrace our conscious mutation as a species?
For Trump, the reality of the first debate was devastating. His defeat on Monday night did not stem from a gaffe, or one bad answer. Rather, so comprehensive was his failure in both substance and style that presidential historians could not find its equal.
California girl and Hillary Clinton stan Katy Perry will do anything ― literally anything ― to get people to the polls.   Perry
If Trump were a normal candidate, he’d be facing harsh penalties.