Shelter-in-place turned into boogie-in-place on "The Office" star's "Some Good News" virtual prom.
"I’m giddy as can be." Bob Harvey and Annette Adkins rekindled their high school romance decades later.
H/T People But the Hollywood heartthrob urged Dunn to go one better. Smarting from a breakup just a few days after her prom
If at first you don't succeed, try and try a Jenner.
You were a skater, I think. You grew your hair down past your collar, Kurt Cobain style, and wore a tight, beaded necklace like a pro surfer. You got into trouble a lot, but you weren't malicious, just distracted. I was a part-time introvert and a full-time nerd.
"It felt like we were at the Grammys, everyone slayed."