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The comedian told the What to Expect podcast about scheduling sex with her husband, Chris Fischer, so they don't end up just as "roommates."
Here are experts' tips on how to improve your virtual sex life during the coronavirus pandemic, whether you're single or in a long-distance relationship.
"My husband gets me to scream his name by doing his signature move of not leaving any toilet paper in the bathroom."
"Call it insufferable meddling or a deliberate safekeeping of culture through marriage, it’s still common for biodatas to end up in your inbox when you become 'of age' — even in America."
Ganesan talks about the allegations of regressive stereotyping on the Netflix show.
"Diversity and inclusion is a top priority for us," a spokesperson for the cable network said, days after its announced holiday lineup was met with criticism.
"Most people are surprised when they learn about my sexuality because they assume that having a husband means I'm straight."
"In our marriage we keep the magic alive by plucking each other’s rogue ear and chin hairs."
Lindsay Dye has found a satisfying way to make money and art on her own sweet terms.
“I didn’t get to choose my mobility impairment, but with rope, I do get to call the shots on how my body feels.”