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"I think I'm independent until I have to text my wife because I forget what size jeans I wear."
"Checking in at the main office, we were greeted by a shirtless innkeeper. When he stepped out from behind the counter, I realised he was completely nude."
"I finally remembered to shave both armpits so I guess I’m a trophy wife now."
Couple have decided to 'part ways' after eloping in 2017.
Camming was the career fresh start I needed – and helped me push my vanilla sexuality.
Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion's anthem hits a little differently for women who experience dryness *down there.* Here's how to address the issue.
"I went ahead and put up my Christmas tree yesterday. Now I can put all the presents my husband didn't know he bought for me under there."
The singer, 35, wants more people to talk openly about female pleasure.
"Every day is Prime Day when you’re married to my wife."