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The area will cop a toll hike every three months for a road that's already been paid off.
It's a mistake to allow politics to compromise road safety, particularly when our road toll is rising after years of decline.
Infrastructure investment is vital to our prosperity.
Several cars fell into the crevice that opened up in the ancient city.
In Australia most of us feel safe getting behind the wheel of our cars. Perhaps we take for granted that the roads are well
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Where in previous decades many Australians lived near where they worked, their communities are being transformed into drive-in, drive-out suburbs where they sleep between working and commuting but have little time for anything else. Millions of Australians are literally watching their quality of life disappear like the white lines in their rear-vision mirrors.
Unless we take steps now to reduce traffic congestion by investing in roads and urban rail, the problem will assume such monstrous proportions that it will act as a handbrake on national economic productivity. If that is not core business for the Commonwealth, I don't know what is.