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Safe Schools

In light of Nathan Whitmore’s lawsuit, it is worth examining what should be in your child's school bullying policies.
This government has not yet satisfactorily addressed gender equality issues, marriage equality or education programs that assist young people struggling with their sexuality.
Malcolm Turnbull has seen his massive popularity shrink, and his lead over Bill Shorten cut dramatically, in the wake of
Twelve people will face court in South Australia after Senator Cory Bernardi's office was trashed at the height of tensions
Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews has reaffirmed his government's commitment to LGBTI education program Safe Schools Coalition
As a bisexual student with many gender diverse and sexually diverse friends, I am listening to this debate and wondering: have any of the politicians who are so adamant about what is best for students actually asked us?
UPDATE: Cory Bernardi has confirmed that he was behind an email to a Melbourne mum criticising LGBTI program Safe Schools
An email purportedly from conservative senator Cory Bernardi to a mother who supports the LGBTI support program Safe Schools
The Prime Minister is the leader of his party. He has the right and, more importantly, the responsibility to pull his fellow party members into line. By not doing so publicly, he might as well be endorsing what they say. It is as simple as that.