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sean hannity

Donald Trump's second-born son insisted to Fox News that his father is the most beloved political figure in US history.
Hannity's coverage was all sour grapes, but one remark about the new president really got a backlash.
The president struggled with his voice several times throughout the interview with Sean Hannity.
The former presidential rival hit back after Trump name-checked her during a Fox News interview.
Trump launched a stream-of-consciousness attack on everything from windmills to Hillary Clinton.
The 'Last Week Tonight' host rips Sean Hannity and others for the network's portrayal of the Portland protests.
“I hope he gets a fair shake because police have not been treated fairly in our country,” the US president said of the former officer charged with murder.
The billionaire investor tells Sean Hannity that Trump hasn't shown any leadership.
The TV star said 'only' 2% to 3% more people could die.
US conservatives including Donald Trump Jr. and Sean Hannity have shared misleading figures about arsonists igniting bushfires.