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The petition also wants the Golden Globes to take back the film's two nominations.
The singer said she would add a warning to the Golden Globe-nominated movie after a scene in which an autistic girl is physically restrained angered many.
The pop star attempted to clarify her reaction to criticism she was getting about her upcoming film, 'Music.' But some say she’s making matters worse.
The singer is speaking out about being "hurt emotionally" by Shia LaBeouf days after FKA twigs accused the actor of assault, battery and abuse.
After catching heat for a problematic casting choice, Sia clapped back at several professional autistic actresses. Here's what that signals to the autistic community.
The pop star’s directorial debut, 'Music,' centers on a nonverbal autistic teenager played by the neurotypical dancer Maddie Ziegler.
The singer had fans doing a double take, wondering if they were watching the wrong show.