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skin cancer

Here's how to do basic checks for breast cancer, skin cancer and more when you can't get to the doctor during the coronavirus pandemic.
There's been an increase is the number of people who no longer feel that sunscreen is safe to use on a daily basis.
In the fight against cancer, one of the greatest hurdles can actually be our own immune system, which self-sabotages attempts
A person with skin cancer in Australia is most likely to be a man aged over 55 years from Queensland, new research shows.
Prepare yourself for pollies dancing flirtatiously and Darren Chester in a bath.
Not only is it the deadliest, but it's also the fourth most common cancer diagnosed in Australia.
That dark patch on your cheek that you thought was a healing sunburn could actually be the sign of a common, though little
A nail artist is raising awareness of a lesser-known symptom of skin cancer which she discovered on a client’s nail. The
And he wants you to lather on the sunscreen.