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south sudan

It reportedly took two weeks before the auction post about the South Sudanese girl was removed. By then, she was married.
Uganda's approach is also a smart vision for how to support refugees in a sustainable way.
There is a silver lining, experts say. Uganda’s compassion towards refugees has enabled South Sudanese newcomers to quickly
At least 15 children died in South Sudan in early May after health workers vaccinating them against measles used the same
Abdi’s story isn’t unique ― there are many more like her here in Somalia, where conflict and climate change have wreaked
The U.N. Commission on Human Rights also released a report this week following a seven-month inquiry into South Sudan that
Yemen is a country that wakes up every day in harrowing, crippling pain. The number of people facing life-threatening conditions
This year we watched Aleppo, Mosul and the refugee crisis unfold, but there are many other conflict stories that went untold.
The motive for the attack was not immediately clear.