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special needs

Adopting a child with special needs requires solid education and supports.
'She tried to push him off but was unable to do so.'
Four suspects are in custody awaiting charges.
Another day centre for children with autism had a lockable box.
Receiving an Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) diagnosis for your child can be a shock and a relief at the same time. Unfortunately, the diagnosis does come with a stigma which is just another burden to bear.
It's not okay to silence a group of people such as those in the disabled and special needs community or to speak for them and take away their voices. But likewise, it's not okay to silence the carers of those with special needs, who have their own challenges to share.
In a few weeks my daughter Lucia will head off to school. I am full of pride, fear and sadness, yet these emotions run deeper and fear seems to be the overwhelming one. You see, this time it is different because my daughter is different.
I’ve heard people talk in the way I used to talk. They say, “one step at a time”. They’ll correct themselves when it’s an issue of sexuality or ethnicity, but when it comes to special needs they give themselves a free pass.