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syria siege

Russian-backed Syrian regime fighters are advancing into rebel-held areas.
11-year-old Yaman was evacuated to Damascus from the town of Madaya for treatment, but his family was left behind and don’t know where to turn.
Syrian Democratic Forces freed more than 2,000 civilian hostages.
Bashar al-Assad’s forces encircled rebel-held parts of the last city last month.
A convoy of trucks carried food, hygiene equipment and medicine to Harasta.
Regime troops turned back an aid convoy into the town last week.
“Please do not leave me,” a young Syrian boy weeps to the bloodied corpse of his brother, bound tightly in a white sheet
BEIRUT (Reuters) - Fresh humanitarian aid reached some 13,000 families in northern Aleppo province as a convoy of 26 trucks
BEIRUT, Feb 17 (Reuters) - Trucks carrying humanitarian aid began to enter four of five besieged areas of Syria scheduled
Hundreds of thousands of people are living under siege in Syria, where starvation is being used as a weapon of war. Syria