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The attack took place in Tahrir square in the Syrian capital.
BEIRUT — A suspected chemical attack in a town in Syria's rebel-held northern Idlib province killed dozens of people on Tuesday
I don’t look back as we finally leave. I don’t look at the torn and dismantled shell of a city that I used to know. I don’t say goodbye. I don’t want to.
“Every day that passes, it gets worse than the last.”
ALEPPO, Syria/BEIRUT/GENEVA, Dec 13 (Reuters) - Rebel resistance in the Syrian city of Aleppo ended on Tuesday after years
Jets hit the hospital with rockets, injuring medical staff and patients, including some who had just moved there from a hospital hit in nearby Kafrnaha on Monday.
At least seven children died in rebel-held Idlib province.
The threat from chemical attacks may be limited, but the fear they create is real.
After fleeing Dabiq, the militant group is scrambling to explain why the world isn’t ending.
The city is unrecognizable after half a decade of conflict.