Syrian Refugees

In my home, Deir ez-Zor, the situation is worse than ever.
The number of people fleeing Syria's civil war to Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq and Egypt has passed the 5 million mark, data
Foreign correspondent Janine di Giovanni wants you to witness the suffering of fellow humans.
'It’s against the terrorists that would infiltrate some of the immigrants to the West.'
'We never lost hope,' an uncle in Chicago says.
If you pay attention, history has an eerie way of repeating itself. To drive home that point, UNICEF released a video Friday
Press secretary Sean Spicer said a Syrian refugee allowed into the U.S. was vetted. He's right. So were a lot of others who can't get in.
The president is scared of Syrian refugees. They’re scared of freezing to death in their own homes.
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has reaffirmed Canada's commitment to welcoming refugees amid U.S. President Donald Trump's