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His theory runs counter to experts' predictions that a second wave next winter might be even worse.
"People can't get enough of this," the president gleefully tweeted.
"Where's the Clorox kegger going to be?" the president asks in a speech dreamed up by one Twitter critic.
Cases of the syndrome among children are rising. Symptoms include fever, inflammation and organ damage, health experts say, and it can be lethal.
"Ask any oncologist and they’ll tell you the secret to beating cancer is just never to get screened for it," one commenter sniped.
The US Senate majority leader said Obama was "classless" for criticising Trump.
"It’s so fundamentally wrong to do that," said the CNN host.
The former US president calls for "better policy decisions" on dealing with the coronavirus pandemic.
The US president accused the NIH expert of playing "all sides of the equation" and called Fauci's warnings about reopening too early "not an acceptable answer."
The "Late Show" host wishes the US president would prevail over his own double standard.