Turnbull Government

Some things just belong in the '80s.
Turnbull government MP John Alexander is scrambling to confirm whether he is a dual citizen, which if proven would trigger
The National Congress of Australia's First Peoples said the decision was sending "shockwaves" through indigenous communities.
A lack of trust in the processes around sharing data in Australia is stifling the use of this resource.
Make sure all those good intentions have a truly positive impact on the community.
The increase in personal tax through the Medicare levy is reflective of a broader increasing reliance on the PAYG taxpayer.
Instead of a program threatening Australian jobs, there is the genuine possibility any crackdown will marginally harm the labour market.
Energy privatisation has meant price increases, job cuts and a failure to look to the future.
Lambie's words were the opposite of what we have come to expect from politicians. They were honest, heartfelt, compassionate, and mostly true.