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tweets of the week

"More like detachment parenting am I right?!?"
"I’d rather hear my toddler say the F-word than 'Again!'"
"In our marriage we keep the magic alive by plucking each other’s rogue ear and chin hairs."
"Nobody cares more about proper hydration than a kid who’s just been kissed goodnight."
"Kids shouldn’t be allowed to lose teeth during quarantine."
"Joining Houseparty just taught me a valuable lesson about deleting old contacts."
"If you had asked me what the hardest part of battling a global pandemic would be I would have never guessed, 'teaching elementary school math."
"Who needs an alarm system when the slightest vibration sets off about 4 of my kid's toys to play music at volume 10."
"You think you’ve doing an okay job as a parent, and then you learn your 8 year-old has only been pretending to brush his teeth for two months."
"I’m just a mum, standing in the shower, praying her toddler doesn’t find her."