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Uber is known for cutting the fees on your regular taxis, but for uni students, the cost cuts aren't enough to justify regular
The Australian Capital Territory is the first jurisdiction in the world to legalise UberX. The ride-sharing taxi service
The New South Wales Roads and Maritime Services has put controversial ride-sharing giant Uber on notice, issuing 40 suspension
Uber -- the app based transport service that revolutionised the way we book and use car services -- has been making headlines
If you're a bad Uber passenger -- rude, demanding, occasionally intoxicated -- your drivers might be giving you bad reviews
It's time for government to get its hands off Australian innovation, and encourage disruption, not punish and deter. Until that happens, our economy and country are set for decades of slow growth that none of us can afford.
The train wreck I see coming if you take the shared economy to the max will be people competing in a saturated market place with ever-more-diminishing returns.
I'm sitting at my laptop wondering what the hell I've committed to. I'm more than happy to admit that I'm someone who often leaps before they look, but this time, I might have leapt too far.