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Punishing people won’t achieve anything.
When I grew up you could leave school with no skills and still find a job.
WASHINGTON ― As he has with Barack Obama’s birth certificate, climate change and vaccine science, Donald Trump called the
Blaming refugees for their unemployment is the wrong approach. 
A dad who lost his job after leaving work to attend the birth of his son has been offered three new positions.  Lamar Austin
When technology and a social conscience come together.
Latest figures show tradies' positions are the most 'in demand'.
"Illiterate and innumerate" refugees would take Australian jobs or "languish" on the dole and use free health services provided
If the Australian government is serious about reducing youth unemployment and increasing their employment outlook, it needs to look at creating more entry-level jobs, increasing job security for young people, and, in regards to internships, look at promoting more paid internships, not increasing essentially unpaid ones.
Are you sick of the words "jobs and growth" yet? You sure will be by July 2. And that's not just because we will hear it thousands of times. It's because, deep down, many of us realise that "jobs and growth" is a mantra for a world on its way out.