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The UN refugee body said Manus is a "man-made and entirely preventable humanitarian crisis."
Australia should restore food, water and health services to 600 men inside the Manus Island immigration processing centre
The UNHCR says it had a 'clear understanding' Australia would take refugees from Manus and Nauru.
An important tale of just how lucky some of us are.
Written by Jenifer Toksvig, the poem was inspired by the stories and testimonies of people fleeing their homes and the items they took with them.
GENEVA (Reuters) - A record 65.3 million people were uprooted worldwide last year, many of them fleeing wars only to face
One in every 113 people on the planet is now a refugee.
Can I please ask for your time to consider this: You work in the city in a financial firm as a chief accountant. After work, you travel to your home, which is in a suburb about 35 minutes away. You enter your house to find your two daughters in their pajamas and slippers watching TV...
“They said ‘come, come, this way. You have to come this way'. So I went. And on the ground there was a woman. I asked why