United States presidential election

The actor previously sparked controversy for encouraging Americans to 'support' Trump.
The president is said to have told sources he will declare himself the winner if it looks like he's “ahead.”
Let’s start at the top. When did this Trump-Russia investigation begin? 🇷🇺 Two years, or roughly a million news cycles
DonaldTrump adviser John Bolton is demanding harsher sanctions on Russia, a position in stark contrast to many of his fellow
President Barack Obama sanctioned Russian officials and entities on Thursday in response to Moscow’s reported hacking during
There's a whole lot of soul-searching going on.
Even the PM takes a moment in question time to get the nail-biting results.
We don't run the mission, but we sure as hell contribute.
She said her rival’s remarks raise national security questions.
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton said Russian intelligence services hacked into