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But any potential vaccine would have to be released 'very cautiously', the Imperial College London professor warned.
President Donald Trump says a vaccine could emerge within months. An expert tells us it's not so simple.
In an address about an executive order on police reform, the president made erroneous claims about both the coronavirus and an "AIDS vaccine."
The US president admitted that medical experts would discourage him from making such remarks.
The world's top men's tennis player said he's "opposed to vaccination" and "wouldn't want to be forced" to get one to resume playing.
Despite all the hype around anti-vaxxers, most under-vaccinated Aussies aren't kids.
The disease is preventable and treatable — but fighting it is not a priority for the West.
If you're going to criticise vaccinations, get your facts right.
Robert De Niro joined World Mercury Project chairman Robert F. Kennedy Jr.for a panel regarding vaccines in Washington, D.C