Late conservationist Steve Irwin's daughter said her father would have given "advice and strength during this time of devastation with the bushfires".
"Hilarious. A large, beautiful, wild animal in a cage for our entertainment," tweets a critic after pounce is thwarted by glass.
Jazz the giraffe and Hunter formed an "astonishing" bond at a wildlife rehab in South Africa.
A marine animal rescue group is offering a reward of $5,000 for information leading to conviction of the perp.
The Chinese government has “signed a death warrant for imperilled rhinos and tigers in the wild,” environmentalists warned.
Zookeepers are stunned after Zuri fought with long-time mate Nyack.
“With our ever rising hot summers... this episode will surely not be the last.”
The animal kingdom has a whole lot of jesters. The winners of the annual Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards were announced
An animal handler on Friday shot dead his escaped circus tiger in the middle of a Paris district about a mile from the Eiffel