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The attorney general also said he saw "no basis" for seizing voting machines, a move reportedly floated by the president's allies.
With the attorney general stepping down next week, Twitter critics are stepping up their barrage against the president's "festive" announcement.
"The president is peddling an idea that is not true to people who want it to be true," the CNN anchor said.
The officer's account of action against Americans exercising their First Amendment rights in D.C.'s Lafayette Square directly contradicts William Barr.
The former national security adviser reportedly says in a book draft that he spoke to Attorney General William Barr about his concerns, The New York Times reported.
The president tried to get Scott Morrison to help US Attorney General William Barr investigate the Mueller investigation's origins, according to The New York Times.
Kate McKinnon's Giuiliani spills it all on CNN in the late-night show's cold open.
Special Counsel Robert Mueller delivers a surprise press conference at the Department of Justice.
He also announced he would resign and the special counsel's office would close. He said he has no plans to testify before Congress.
WASHINGTON ― The executive and legislative branches of the federal government are locked into a constitutional showdown in