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Beyond the 3-to-1 wine-to-sparkling water ratio, here's what else you need to know to make the drink.
Drinking has been popularized as a form of self-care for exhausted parents. The only problem is, it's not.
One Twitter user said the wine "pairs well with bribery."
It puts humanity's drinking age at almost 8000 years.
You could almost see the proliferation of wine memes as a new way for people to have a voice. But what exactly are we saying?
In a region famous for its wine, another cash crop grows as well: cannabis. And just like its vinous brother, it, too has
A childhood favourite with an adult twist.
We’ve all been there: you’re in a restaurant, starring cluelessly at the wine list while the waiter stands expectantly waiting
Drinking wine regularly throughout the week could ‘significantly protect against diabetes’, a new study has found. Consuming
Before you rush out to happy hour, we have some very important information for you. All those half-off drinks you plan on