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womens issues

Actually making the decision to move forward with the process was the hardest part for me.
For a disease that is found in one out of 10 women, I'm shocked that it's still such an unknown topic.
10. Thinking you should be dominant in bed, secretly loving missionary. 2. Fighting for equality, secretly loving chivalry
OK now we don’t want to point fingers here, but for a nation of people preoccupied with the idea of putting up scaffolding
'I think everyone has to find their way and do what feels safe.'
Sengupta wanted to launch a business that would help Indian women break free from the sex trade industry and find employment
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is even dreamier than usual when he talks about gender equality.   During HeForShe’s
Why is it harder for women to orgasm than men? Alix Fox said: “Few people – females included – realise quite how long the
In workplaces, schools and universities, there is still a sense of covertness to this fact of life, even a lingering sense of shame. We are well-versed in hiding the telltale signs, clutching the tampon or pad in our fist or handbag while we scurry to the toilet. I still wear black on my heaviest day, terrified of the accidental smear.
The gender pay gap is inching lower and employers are making measurable progress on workplace equality strategies, but pay