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UNITED NATIONS — For the first time, the United Nations has launched an international investigation into the crimes of the
BAGHDAD ― As the grim scene played out on my computer screen in Baghdad on July 12, my stomach sank.  I was watching a video
These days though, a number of Tunisians are preoccupied more with the influx of extremists returning to the country than
I don’t look back as we finally leave. I don’t look at the torn and dismantled shell of a city that I used to know. I don’t say goodbye. I don’t want to.
The routine is now eerily familiar for Turkish expats around the world. It starts with a quiet ping from their smartphone’s
He was one of the country’s longest-serving political figures.
In his speeches at the U.N., President Erdogan called on the international community to do its part to share the burden of the conflict.
The island is holding major talks to heal a divide that’s lasted over four decades, but there’s an elephant in the room.
The young men and women were attending a graduation celebration.
Two recreational divers in Israel unexpectedly found a trove of old relics dating back at least 1,600 years, authorities