01/09/2015 3:53 PM AEST | Updated 15/07/2016 12:51 PM AEST

Fitpreneur -- The New Breed of Entrepreneur -- Healthy, Wealthy and Wise

There's a new breed of leader in town. Well presented, clear headed and creating a culture of accountability and personal wellbeing from the top down -- regardless of the size of the team or the business.

There's a new breed of leader in town. Well presented, clear headed and creating a culture of accountability and personal wellbeing from the top down -- regardless of the size of the team or the business.

You know these people, they enter the room with purpose, lead with vitality and manage demanding schedules with precision and thought for long term success. They are the Fitpreneur -- healthy, wealthy and wise.

You've most likely seen them with an iPhone in one hand and a filtered water bottle in the other. They choose a salad and protein at long lunches, replacing beer and wines at work events with mineral water and fresh lime. They have energy and vitality and handle pressure well. Easily transitioning from the gym to the boardroom, by the time you've logged on, the Fitpreneur has practiced a moment of meditation, had a morning workout and set their intention for the day.

True Fitpreneurs are not into fads but function.

You don't need to wear yoga pants to meetings every day and play spa music in your office (unless you want to of course). However, when you lead with personal and business vitality you choose quality not quantity and make time to re-charge and re-focus, knowing the benefits it will bring to the business.

How can you make the shift?

Recognise that long-term success comes from a tangible approach to creating a sustainable business and personal vitality. Identify the business wellbeing formula as well as your own. What exercise do you love the most, how can you make active living a part of your day and what helps you relax?

Do you work best in the morning or the evening? Acknowledge your creative DNA and plan around that to get the most out of your focus time and plan down time, reading of materials and exercise in the other parts of the day

Run your body like your business. Plan your winning week every Sunday and include my 5 key elements as an integrated part of your time :

a) Health and fitness -- plan your exercise, healthy food and travel prep for the week. No more excuses: Got busy days with lots of travel? Adapt your wellbeing to a fresh air session or meditation before you start your day and use the weekends for longer cardio, strength or yoga sessions when you have more time.

b) Admin and productivity -- what key projects/meetings and personal admin need your attention?

c) Friends -- who are you choosing to hang out with this week? Can you combine a catch up with something sporty or wellbeing-related. Are you spending time with people who inspire and uplift you?

d) Family -- plan your family obligations and share the responsibilities, make the plan visible on the fridge at home and to your EA as well so you know what elements cannot be moved. Swap morning school drop offs with other parents occasionally and workout before work

e) ME time -- take a nano-break each day, away from phones, screens and people. Even five minutes can help you reconnect.

4. Lead by example -- Schedule time in for all these things in your agenda with transparency and purpose. If you are planning time for yoga at midday leave it as YOGA and be transparent with your team and clients. Clarity and conviction is important and best use of time and focus will show the results. Adapt workouts to express sessions or even 45 mins so you have time to shower and calibrate before getting back into work.

5. Be prepared -- ensure there is filtered water in your office, healthy snacks in the fridge and create a culture where lunches and meeting room food is nutritious and healthy as well. Review your office space and invest a moment to consider layout, a work environment that displays balance, is uncluttered and has space for creative moments and some time out away from screens and digital elements.

Balance and relativity: Running a business is a passion. You're not replacing this drive but rather creating a winning combination of mental and physical agility to deal with ever-increasing demands on time, energy and resources.

Small daily changes can very quickly improve your ability to handle stress, react well under pressure and make great decisions.

A clear head, strong connection to gut feel and enviable energy are all great leadership qualities. Leaders who shine from the inside out and practice what they preach are looked up to, they create a following that is loyal and tenacious.

As an entrepreneur it's your time to shine and bring business and personal vitality to life.


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