The 9 Types Of Friends That Every Mum Has

Which mum friend are you?
Which mum friend are you?

The other day I was having a giggle with a girlfriend about the different types of 'mum friends' we have (and which we were). So I decided to sit down and detail the different types of mum friends I have and why I love them so much. I know I take out a couple of these...

The 'just had their first baby' mum friend

When you've got a few kids, spotting a new mum becomes wayyyyy too easy. You can spot them by their clean pram and child in pristine, brand named clothing. 'Just had their first baby' mum friends are typically late to every social engagement and the first to leave, or, you know, just never rock up. (It's okay, we understand -- we were once there too.)

The 'overly-organised' mum friend

This mum is not me -- I wish it was but it isn't. This is the mum who you have to schedule a playdate in with about three months in advance, with specific time, play and itinerary. 'Overly organised' mum has lists, keeps a diary, and most likely has a reminder for herself to confirm with 'of the moment' mum about their upcoming date as well as a planned menu for said playdate.

The 'of-the-moment' mum friend (also known as YOLO mum)

This one is me, and this one sh*ts 'overly organised' mum friend to tears. This mum friends texts you with five minutes warning "hey, wanna go to the park" or calls at 5pm on Saturday afternoon to head out for a wine. 'Of the moment' mum never knows what she's doing till about five seconds after it has happened and is really great at forgetting about dates she planned three months in advance. She is also heavy on the sarcasm and vino.

The 'only on social media' mum friend

This is the mum friend you haven't actually seen in ages, or ever, but you feel like you know her intimately because she constantly puts pictures and updates online. With the rise of multiple social media platforms and online mothers' groups, we all have a couple of friends we basically keep up with only via a screen and spend months saying to each other "let's catch up soon" but never do.

The 'ridiculously and effortlessly cool' mum friend

If you didn't know this mum friend and saw her down the street, you would assume the kids aren't even hers because she just looks too freaking cool to be a mum. Her Instagram feed is usually awash with monochrome images of her and the kids in trendy AF matching street style attire and an always on-point 'mum bun' (when you try the mum bun you look homeless).

The 'been around the block' mum friend

This is the mum friend with older/more kids than you. This is the mum friend you look at and think "sh*t, she's got this down pat". She's got a baby at home, one in kinder, multiple in school (so literally she's driving around many blocks at drop off and pick up) and still manages to run a business, keep a home and be there for wine time like badass -- all while seeming cool, calm and collected.

The 'always losing her sh*t' mum friend

We've all got at least one of these mum friends, right? Where nothing seems to ever go right? Every day is some drama? (Don't even mention her MIL.) You don't mind 'always losing her sh*t' mum because she's always good for a laugh and has some epic stories. Having said that, sometimes you see her name come up on your phone and think "I'll deal with that later". (But we still love you).

The 'Pinterest perfect' mum friend

This is the mum friend who posts a pic saying "just a quick and easy dinner tonight" with a picture of a 12-course feast fit for the last supper, which she probably started making three days ago. 'Pinterest perfect' mum is usually a great go-to for wines because she'll have an epic, picture-perfect cheese board she's 'thrown together' waiting for you on arrival. 'Pinterest perfect' mum is also your go-to when your child needs a birthday cake.

The 'doesn't have kids' mum friend

These are some of the most important mum friends, because the kid-less friends are always the gal pals you can count on to make any and every insignificant event a party. 'Doesn't have kids' friend/s make you feel like you still have some shred of coolness and that you're not that old -- yet. 'Doesn't have kids' friends are also great when you need some 'mum time', except they usually want to make dinner reservations for after 8pm and you die a little inside at the thought of staying up so late.