The Reality Of Date Night When You're A Parent

When you finally make it out the door it will feel like you’ve just escaped from Azkaban.
Sweet, sweet sleep.
Sweet, sweet sleep.

Date Night! It's definitely not what it used to be once upon a time 'pre-kids'! Between coordinating schedules, babysitting and actually finding the energy after a long AF week, it can be hard to find the time or be bothered.

And while I definitely think date night is a vital part of a relationship and totally worth it, let's be real about what date night is really like when you've got kids.

  • You consider a bit of BB cream and your best jeans as 'dressing up'.
  • When you finally make it out the door it will feel like you've just escaped from Azkaban -- OHH SWEET, SWEET FREEDOM!
  • You couldn't give a shit where you go as long as they serve alcohol.
  • But you'll then have two sips of wine and almost fall asleep face first in your entree.
  • You'll text/call the babysitter at least five times in the first hour just to check everything's okay.
  • You'll probably end up talking about your kids all night. "So Annabelle did poos in the potty TWICE today."
  • You'll plan to head out for a movie after dinner but reconsider by dessert to just head home because it's 8:30 pm and it's SO LATE!
  • You'll have the best of intentions of ending the night with a cheeky bedroom sesh, but fall asleep the second your head hits the pillow.
  • And even if your husband has managed to throw a leg over you, it would have been interrupted anyway because the toddlers are in your bed five minutes later.

But you know what, it doesn't matter anyway. Because since becoming a parent I've also realised that you don't need to spend heaps of money, go to expensive restaurants or prove anything to anyone.

Just spending a few hours in the company of the man I love is what it's all about. It's a luxury, I appreciate that time together so much more than I ever did before... even if date night does end up just being pizza and beer on the couch because the babysitter cancelled.